Thursday, June 30, 2016

Flight 1 of 4

Successfully made it through security at the ever busy Des Moines International Airport. Par for the course, the lady with the wand gave me the pat down. Not sure what it is about Victoria's Secret that always leads to a check. 

The little old lady next to me, although sweet and friendly, smells like rotten roses and cat pee. Where does one buy perfume that terrible? I'm hoping we are not seated by each other on the plane. 
Surprised how many people are flying from DSM to Salt Lake City on a Thursday afternoon. Tabernacle Choir festival in the Mormon City, perhaps? 

Flight is delayed a few minutes so I will now have a lengthy layover of 24 minutes to deplane and make it to my connecting flight to Anchorage. Ever seen a Norwegian Ninja on a mission running through the airport? I like to think its like Lolo Jones without the sex appeal. Hopefully I won't have to use my hurdling skills. Next stop SLC. Wish me luck! 

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