Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 1st

Not much sleep last night. Fitbit logged me in at a whopping 4 hours and 11 minutes. Woke up to rain, clouds and the smell of bacon. The 8 of us headed out without a solid plan due to weather. It ended up being a perfect and beautiful day. 

We started at Exit Glacier. We hiked up to the lookout and took some pictures. Norm taps me on the shoulder, "do you want to go in the glacier?" I look at the distance between the lookout, the glacier and the danger/stay on the trail signs around us. I give him the look. He gives me the nod. And we're off cliff climbing our way across small switchbacks, loose rock, morain and towards the glacier. I only fell once, grasping onto a boulder and peering below. Eventually we made our way to the glacier and it was breathtaking. Here I am standing on millions of years old ice, looking at water falls, caverns, fresh pools and a blue hue shining through the ice. Words and pictures do it no justice. Bucket list item #1 complete! 

 We also bought homemade fudge and moose nuts. 

We visited Seward. Had lunch at Goldrush. Saw sea lions. Went to Hope. Walked along the river. Looked for whales. Saw two moose, unfortunately it was a cow and a calf that had just been hit by a camper. :( 

Back to the condo 12 hours later. Dinner and showers.  And Norman just realized he put washing machine pods in the dishwasher. Ha!!! 

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