Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2nd

Started our day with a trek to the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation. Animals native to Alaska roaming about in penned in natural habitats. I liken it to a home on the range zoo.  We saw elk, caribou aka reindeer, moose, bison, Lynx, bald eagle, porcupines, name it.  One of the grizzly bears walked over right in front of us and dropped a huge deuce. So if you ask does a bear poop in the woods? Indeed he does. 

We then headed to Whittier. The thing about this town, there is only 1 road in/out and to get there you must travel through a one way 2.6 mile tunnel that was dug through the mountain during the 2nd World War. It's the longest tunnel in North America. And it's pretty intense if you have anything against the dark or claustrophobia. 

Whittier was absolutely breathtaking. A valley of mountains and glaciers. Waterfalls cascading everywhere you turned. A beautiful bay leading to Prince William sound. I enjoyed some fresh halibut for lunch. Yum! We climbed up the mountain to see the water falls close up. At some points the trail was literally the width of a balance beam and covered with weeds, shrubs and mud. But the view from up top was worth every drop of sweat. 

Dinner back at the condo. Now Kristin and I are gonna wonder down into the heart of Girdwood for the Forest Fair. No booze but there are street vendors, music, people everywhere and weed seems to be abundant and legal in this state. It's time to go make friends with some hippies; love peace and happiness to all. 

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