Saturday, July 2, 2016

Night life

So...Kristin and I ventured down to the forest fair to mingle with the locals and see what the festival was all about. Now I've worn a lot of different outfits in public. It is mind boggling here to see that ANYTHING goes. For real. We are wearing leggings tshirts, hair tied up after hiking all day and we look like snooty high class witches. The best way to describe the clothing frenzy at this festival would be hippy/hobo backwoods chic. It's apparently no-shave 2016 for males and females. Any pattern, any style, any flower, maybe some camo, tye dye, flannel, overalls, native prints, rubber boots, flip flops, kicks, barefoot. It's freeing. In the words of Nirvana "come as you are". Peace, love, happiness and a big middle finger to Abercrombie and Fitch. #girdwood #forestfair 

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