Saturday, July 23, 2016

Puppies and play-doh

I may be an old lady but I still feel like I learn something new every day.  Today’s lesson? Onions can be very dangerous for puppies.  I knew you were supposed to keep chocolate away from dogs.  But I had no idea that grapes, raisins, garlic and onions were bad news too.  This is Bart. 
Bart is my cousin Nicole’s 12 week old puppy which they lovingly refer to as the “piranha puppy” because he eats everything in sight.  Today he got into the garden while I was visiting and chowed down an onion.  Bad, Bart.  Nicole took him to the pet vet ER and I stayed with her 5 and 8 year old daughters.   For a creative type, I’m not very good with play-doh. This was my design, while they made lattice pies and pyramids, I stuck to basic shapes.  Sadly, art was never my thing.  Although I did use one of the animal design cutters to make a polar bear and send a picture to BK in honor of his current Alaskan adventure.  He thought it was a coca-cola bear…
It’s a pretty awesome Saturday when you get to snuggle with this face and the girls make you cards to tell you they love you and wish you could live with them.  Such cutie pies.  

I have to admit it was nice to have a weekend where I wasn't flying or driving anywhere.  June 3rd was my last free weekend.  October 1st is my next one.  Maybe my nickname should be changed from Lucy to Gone Girl...

I was able to move some of my projects from to-do to the "doing" and "done" columns.  Weekend at home for the win!!! 

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