Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rain and Road Rage

Happy birthday to my dear friend, Mel! Sorry to have missed your birthday shenanigans tonight but I had to do the family thing and head to the lakehouse for my grandparent’s 62nd wedding anniversary.  SIXTY-TWO YEARS!!  Process that for a minute. To be honest, I can’t even fathom.  Numerically, that’s not even possible for me in this lifetime.  Unless I get married this year and live to be 102.  So yeah, not happening.  I love watching them together.  Almost makes a girl wanna believe in that “L’ word and that some people mean forever when they say it. 

The ride up here was, pardon my language, a complete shit-show. It took me over 7 hours. Usually I love a good road trip.  Music up, singing aloud, talking to myself, yelling at cars (with the windows up) and working on writing projects in my head.  If “big brother” ever put a bug in my car during a road trip, I would certainly be fitted for a nice, tight, white jacket with velcro straps.  Today, I did not love the drive. I purposely left Des Moines early enough to avoid rush hour in the Twin Cities.  I’m a planner like that.  But alas, even the best laid plans fall apart when there is an accident within a construction zone.  15 miles of inching along I-35 is enough to wear on anyone’s nerves. 
But in the true fashion of Lyndee’s Life, cue the music for intense thunderstorms amid this already chaotic parade of cars.  Unfortunately, the rain would continue for the last three hours of the trip.

As I crossed the bridge from Minnesota to Wisconsin my jaw dropped at the insanely high level of the river.  Note this, it will come into play soon.  So along I drive on a two lane highway across Wisconsin in the rain, through multiple “unincorporated towns”, aka villages, where the speed limit drops from 55 to 35 or 45 while passing through.  I’m in a line of cars averaging about 51 miles an hour that I can’t pass because of the rain, hills and curves.  Insert the continuation of road rage here.  No amount of Eric Church or Dierks Bentley is calming my nerves at this point.  When I finally reach Hayward, lo and behold, the main highway through town is closed.  I follow the detour, which has its own detour.  Why you might ask? Unbeknownst to me, flooding and washed out roads from Monday nights storm which dropped over 11 inches on this part of the North Woods.  My google maps lady voice is about to have a seizure from repeatedly telling me she is recalculating the route.  I end up on some back country roads called mosquito avenue or something ridiculous and eventually back to the highway I need. Finally, I arrive at the lakehouse to see my family!  I’m talking to Dad on the deck while he grills and notice, hey, there’s a new dock! And then realize, holy crap, the old one is almost completely submerged underwater.  All you can see is the top of the bench that sits on top of it.  This is how high the lake is from the flooding.  Daaaammmnnnn!

Ultimately, I enjoy a wonderful dinner and evening with my family, finding my peace yet again staring at the water and listening to it lap the shore.  Tomorrow morning when I’m done with work we will venture out for fishing, boating and four wheeling through the forest.  That is if we don’t starve to death before then as there’s only enough food here for about 507 people to survive on for two months…

My eyelids are heavy now.  Maybe I shouldn’t have had that 2nd glass of wine but whatever, it’s MY year and I’m in my happy place. #fearless40

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