Sunday, July 10, 2016

That's a wrap

I know, I know, I totally dropped the ball with the posts but I was busy enjoying my last few days in Alaska.  Thursday we went hiking at Falls Creek.  It was brutal! It rained most of Wednesday into Thursday morning.  This trail was straight up hill with no level points to catch your breath. It was muddy, slick and to be honest, really putting me in a bad mood.  I believe everyone of us fell at least once on the way up or down. There was also intense humidity and swarms of bugs like I had never seen before to really top off this poop show of a hike.

Thursday night Kristin and I headed "downtown" Girdwood for some adult beverages and to enjoy a local band at Chair 5.  I learned that happy hour is illegal in Alaska.  Crazy, right? We made some new friends and thoroughly enjoyed our evening out.  Let me tell you though, it's so weird walking home from the bar at 2 in the morning and having it be daylight.  

Friday morning Norm woke us up at the crack of dawn to head towards Denali/Mt. McKinley. Luckily I was able to sleep in the van part of the way up.  Couldn't figure out why it felt like there were razor blades stabbing my calves with every step I took on Friday...oh yeah, the Falls Creek hike. Insert #%&)(#& here. Ouch.  We spent the day in Talkeetna.  It has amazing views of Denali and none of us were feeling up to the trip all the way to the mountain range.  We had an amazing lunch at a quaint cafe with the best seafood chowder I've ever tasted.  Walked around the town and shops and enjoyed some ice cream.  We opted not to do the plane into Denali as Jesseca has a busted eardrum and they said it would cause her serious pain.  

The one thing I miss about Alaska is the fashion for sure! Yes it's beautiful and breathtaking and so laid back.  That's all wonderful.  But the fact that normal attire is leggings, a sports bra, tank top and hiking boots is phenomenal.  Ponytails and hats? Yes, please! Talk about comfort! You just can't help but relax in a place like Alaska.  It truly is like a different universe. I am so happy and blessed to have spent my birthday there with my wonderful family and Kristin.  Not sure I can ever top 40 but you all know, I will definitely try! 

I think I shall take this blog further than just my birthday trip and document what I think could be one of the best years ever.  Stay tuned for more adventures! There are plenty in the works.  #fearless40

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