Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Friday fire, country in Kinnick and my boys!

One of the many things I love about my friends, and the list is long, is that we don’t let anything dampen our fun.  We planned to fire pit at the Beaver Den Friday night and we weren’t going to let a stupid thunderstorm stop us! Mel, Lukas, Ryan, Misty, Maria, Summer, Brian and I enjoyed fire, darts, people dancing in a Michael Jackson red leather jacket and even piercing Brian’s ear.  Next up, belly button ring.  But it may take a lot of Jack to talk him into letting Maria do that. 

Saturday Maria, Audra, Molly, Danyelle and I headed to Iowa City for the first ever concert in Kinnick Stadium.  We met up with brother and his crew for some preconcert tailgating first.

The concert was wonderful.  It was hot as hell but it was worth every drop of sweat.  We saw Tucker Beathard, Big & Rich with Cowboy Troy, Thomas Rhett and Blake Shelton.  We were amused between acts by Dallas Clark and Ashton Kutcher.  We had a lady next to us vomit her strawber-itas out and spend the entire performance of Blake Shelton passed out.  Never a dull moment.  Tucker was good.  Big & Rich was creepy and terrible and quite honestly, made me feel really uncomfortable.  I absolutely adore Thomas Rhett and it was so fun to see him live again.  Blake Shelton wasn’t too bad either!

I stayed at brothers house and in the morning got to wake up and play with my sweetie pies, Kirk and Gable.  Not sure how I got so lucky to blessed with three amazing nephews but they sure beat the heck out of getting a pet rock or cactus for entertainment. It amazes me how fast they grow between my visits. And how sad I am when I have to leave them. 
Monday night was training with Trainer Ben and Molly.  I love that guy but my thighs would like to see him enduring Chinese water torture for all the squats, mountain climbers and planks we did.  Every time I have to sit or go down stairs today they scream in pain. On the plus side, by the time we’re done with training I’m pretty sure I will be able to crack walnuts in my butt cheeks.  Buns of Steel won’t have nothing on us!

Taco Tuesday with Summer, Mel, Misty, Nick, Brian and Ben at the Beaver Tap. Although, they ran out of tacos after Summer ordered so we went with pizza instead. Pepperoni Tuesday just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 

Fall Volleyball leagues begins tonight with a double header and I am officially on vacation for the next 5 days.  Like, not checking email or taking my laptop with me, vacation.  I will be spending Thursday-Monday on a yacht sailing around Sturgeon Bay, WI.  Another new adventure and I couldn’t be more excited to be doing it with some of my favorite peeps.  Watch out Wisconsin and Lake Michigan; Mel, Ryan, Misty, Brian and Lyndee are about to bring the thunder.  #fearless40 

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