Sunday, August 14, 2016

Please keep your hands inside the ride at all times

It has been one helluva week! Life sometimes resembles a scary yet thrilling rollercoaster and I rode that beast all week long. 

Monday night Molly and I started back with our personal training.  That was very scary after a few years without having someone boss me around for workouts.  And it wasn’t Scott we were training with which also led to some fear.  But I am happy to report that it was awesome and we love our new trainer, Ben.  There’s nothing quite like the endorphins of a great sweat fest.  I’m looking forward to my Monday and Thursday nights in the gym with Ben and Molly the next 25 weeks.  Like we always say, Motivate, Dominate, Destroy! MDD, baby!

Tuesday night Ben and I went to the I-Cubs game to enjoy some baseball.  It was so hot I thought my face was gonna melt off.  Although they got their butts handed to them by OKC, the company was great and it was nice to be outside enjoying some baseball. 

Wednesday I found out my celebrity love, Eric Church, will be doing a show in Des Moines in January.  Can you say so excited I almost piddled my pants? Also on Wednesday, my new tripod and remote came in for my ipad.  I can't wait to start filming some videos! 
Monday and Tuesday were the top of the rollercoaster.  What goes up, must come down.  And that it did.  Thursday morning I was at the office talking to Ashley when suddenly it felt like a Paul Bunyon size lumberjack had just buried an ax into my back.  I’ve never felt pain like that.  I thought if I could catch my breath it the pain would stop shooting down my body in a few moments.  But it did not. The pain continued to surge from my shoulder blades to my lower back.  It was terrible and terrifying.  I was trying to keep calm and wish the pain away but it was only getting worse.  Through my tears I told Ashley I needed help.  My amazing co-workers jumped into action and soon I was surrounded by Principal security, EMT’s and firefighters.  My blood pressure, which is usually perfect had seared to 180/120. The pain wasn’t subsiding. They strapped me to a gurney and took me out.  I have never been so embarrassed in my life as my friends and people in my department watched the drama unfold.  This was to be my first ambulance ride.  And hopefully my last!! The first EMT tried putting in an IV and blew right through the vein in my left arm.  The second EMT came through like a champ.  Soon I was being poked, prodded, covered in stickers and cords and shot full of pain killers.  Even through my pain killer fog, panic started setting in at the hospital as the doctor, nurses and EMT’s were using phrases like heart attack, blood clot, collapsed lung…

They drew more blood. Did an EKG. Chest x-rays.  Took more blood.  I was hooked up to more machines with stickers and human jumper cables.  More pain meds.  I couldn’t stop crying.  The pain was unbearable and I was scared out of my mind.  Soon Ashley and my leader Lucy showed up in my room. It helped calm me down to see their faces.  They were a wonderful distraction.  Bob and Ben came as well. Even in a hospital gown with tears streaming down my face and drugs racing through my veins, I was grateful for my absolutely amazing support system.  I simply could not ask for better people in my life.  Even my EMT buddy stopped by to check on me and give me a fist bump. 

I am happy to report that it was not a heart attack, stroke, blood clot or collapsed lung.  They aren’t sure what caused three hours of the pain in my back but at least we ruled out the scary words.  Eventually they released me from the hospital high on flexoral and hydrocodone.  I could hardly keep my eyes open as Bob drove me to get prescriptions, lunch and then took me home to rest.  I slept for nearly 20 hours off and on.  I don’t know if it was exhaustion or the drugs but my bed was my best friend until Friday afternoon. 

Friday, August 12th.  Every year the 12th is an emotional day for me and my family.  The anniversary of Kirk’s death. Hard to believe it’s been seven years.  I still think about him almost every day.  

I had made plans to go to dinner with my aunt, uncle, cousin and some friends that night.  We were going to my favorite restaurant, O’Hanas.  I knew that it was right where I needed to be on a day like this.  And the best part was that Brian had returned to Des Moines.  It’s hard to go a month without seeing your best friend.  He joined us for dinner and all was right in the world again as we caught up on the last few weeks and his trip to Alaska. 
 Saturday I skipped my plans to go to Lake Rathbun. Wasn’t sure I should be two hours from home with how I had been feeling the last few days.  Instead, I hungout with Ben and a buddy of his that was visiting from out of town.  We watched the cubs, enjoyed some OP pizza, talked and laughed for hours.  Brian joined us and we all relaxed in the hot tub.  Should I have gone to bed before the sun came up? Of course.  Does my body do well on three hours of sleep? Not so much.  Was it worth it? Absolutely. 

This morning was brunch with the Beavercrew on a patio in the sunshine. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the week than laughing with those hooligans.  

To everyone that called, text or messaged me their prayers and concern, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am one lucky girl to have so much love around me.  #fearless40 #inittowinit #IVsarethedevil #whydoibruiselikethis? 

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