Monday, August 8, 2016

The little things

It would be easy in this current environment and society to become bleak and bitter.  I don’t even turn on the news anymore and my social media feeds are clogged with political agendas and arguments on whose lives matter.  Just my humble opinion but ALL lives matter, no more or no less than any others.  Maybe it’s a pipe dream but I want to live in a world full of love and peace.  I don’t think it’s that crazy to believe it’s possible.  I may not be a big church goer but I do believe in basic commandments of loving and respecting each other.  Get it together, humanity!

So what can one human do? Simply love and respect the people around them.  And appreciate the little things.  That was my theme for the week. Little things that bring me joy.  Cheering on my friends at sand volleyball and feeling the warm sun upon my face.  Remembering how much I love the sport.  Sharing laughs on a patio with people I cherish.  Pictures of my nephews being goofy.  A dinner with friends, old and new, that turned into a full night of shenanigans, margaritas, dancing with the wait staff and entertaining the people at tables around us with our contagious energy.  Dancing with a stranger to a country song.  Facing my fear of pushing my limits and signing up for personal training again with Molly for the first time in 3 years with a new trainer at a different gym.  Sitting in a driveway staring at the stars and getting to know someone as the aroma of ribeye wafts off the grill.  Making dinner for my friends on a Saturday night.  Taking a day off of work to do nothing but focus on me.

Do you get the theme here? Laughter.  Good people. Small moments that make beautiful memories.  This is what life should be about, in my opinion.  If people spent half their energy focusing on themselves and happiness and less about what Joe Bob down the street is doing or saying, maybe we all could find a little more peace at night.  I know I’ve been going to bed with a smile on my face. 

That’s enough for my soap box.  Another great week in the books.  I must admit this #fearless40 thing is right up my alley. Of course we will see how #fearless I feel after my first night back at training which starts in about an hour.  Gulp.  I kid.  Although slightly terrified, I’m excited for another step towards my goals and making myself a better person today than I was yesterday.  That’s really all we can do. Be better.  Be happy.  Every day.   

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