Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Come sail away…

Check off another adventure in the Lyndee chronicles.  I’ve spent plenty of time on water (my happy place) but never lived on a sailboat for 5 days.  It was definitely a Labor Day for the books. Thursday Brian, Mel, Ryan and I loaded up the truck and started out for Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. 
The drive was supposed to be about 7 ½ hours.  We made it in a lightning fast 10 hour pace.  Hey, it was vacation and we had some stops to make.  Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the Spam museum like I hoped.  Sigh.  Maybe next trip.  We stopped at Newt’s in Rochester, MN for lunch on my dad’s recommendation.  It was great! And I’m not just talking about the fish and chips. I also found the fusion of two of my favorite drinks.  A long island mule.  Oh yes, you read that right.  A Long Island Iced Tea and a Moscow Mule doing a delicious and divine dance on my tongue. Mind blown!
After numerous potty breaks because some of my friends, who shall remain unnamed, have the bladder of a 10 year old girl we finally hit Wisconsin.  Luckily, the next potty break was perfectly timed.  Divine intervention if you ask me.  We pulled off the ramp and lo and behold, the magnificent sight of Lambeau Field.  I was pretty much a crackhead version of a kid on Christmas morning as we walked around that sacred ground and took pictures.  Even my non-Packer loving friends appreciated the history and magnitude of being there. 
We finally arrived in Sturgeon Bay and on the boat.  Wow. That’s all I got. If you’ve never been to Door County, I would highly recommend it.  As we shuttled our stuff out to the boat via the little boat, aka the dink, my soul was instantly happy.  And as if floating in the bay on a boat wasn’t cool enough, how about looking up at the sky to see your first life viewing of the Northern Lights? I couldn’t capture their beauty in pictures but it will forever be burned in my mind.
Friday we sailed around the bay.  Eventually we docked in a little resort town called Fish Creek and met up with Misty.  This town is adorable.  We enjoyed dinner and drinks at Bayside. Checked out a crazy shop that sold high end minks ($2700), art, jewelry and handguns.  Because who doesn’t buy a gun when they buy drop a couple g’s on a mink coat?  Um, yea…maybe Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would enjoy shopping there but not my cup of tea.  There was no Dollar Tree to be found.  Foiled again! Back at the boat we were blessed to see the northern lights AGAIN! Hello astronomical lottery! We had some drinks, played cards and laughed until our faces hurt until the wee hours of the morning. 
Saturday we sailed to Menominee, Michigan. The weather was absolutely perfect. I can’t put into words how peaceful it is to be sailing with no land in sight, listening to music, watching the waves and feeling the occasional spray of water on your face. 
Saturday night we walked around exploring Menominee and met some wonderful and fun people.  You can’t judge the real character of a place until you mingle with the locals and I can say that Menominee rocks.  And the Hawkeyes and Panthers both won their football games.  That’s a stellar Saturday for this girl. 
Sunday we took our time sailing back to Sturgeon Bay and then explored the town.  Well, some would call it bar hopping.  You say potato, I say potatoe.  
You know that friend that likes to get sassy and push your buttons and sometimes you just have to do something crazy like throw their shoe on the roof after they’ve doubted you will retaliate? Yeah, Misty and I had a moment like that. It’s not every day you get kicked out of the bar because you’re wearing one shoe and bleeding from the arm but Misty won that prize.

Monday was a long drive home but I was excited for my bed. And I made memories this weekend I will never forget with some amazing friends.  No, I didn’t go to the gym while I was gone but I definitely got in a hell of an ab workout from laughing.  Thank you Mel, Ryan, Brian, Misty and Gaich for a fabulous five days. And Wolverine, you rock Prince.  #fearless40

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