Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What the world needs now...

I’ve been struggling with writing this post this morning.  I tossed and turned about it last night as I lay down to sleep.  I’m not going to get political. Yes, I am shocked and saddened by the results of last night’s election. On the other hand, I can understand that some Americans are so desperate for change that they felt this was the best answer.  Regardless, it is done. Too all that went out and voted, regardless of your political affiliation, thank you for exercising your right as a citizen of what I still believe to be the greatest county in the world.  I pray that we continue down that path. And I think the accountability starts with each and every one of us. Republican, democrat or independent; this is our country. This is our future.  These are our children.  We teach them the basics of right or wrong.  Not a man or a woman on the television or in the White House.  We raise the children in our communities to someday leave the nest and take on what can often be a dark and scary world.  We can’t hold their hands forever but we can pray that we did our best to raise them with morals, ethics and love for all humans regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual preference.  To my friends and loved ones that have had to fight these obstacles, know that I support and stand proudly beside you. 

We are not born with hate and fear in our hearts.  We learn it through our environment.  So my challenge to you today and each day you are blessed to wake up - be strong! Send supportive messages through your words and actions.  Fight for equality. Be active in shaping and molding our future. Spread love. Abolish hate and prejudice.  Teach respect. Just as every vote counted in that election tonight, each of us have the ability to change the world around us.  We often find ourselves in a bitter world full of judgement and finger pointing, obsessed with those that “offend” us.  Don’t worry about what Jim Bob down the street is doing. You can’t control him and frankly it’s none of your business.  Be the best you can be! Let your light shine! It starts within each of us. And I believe with every fiber of my being that love and goodness are contagious.  They are stronger than fear and hate. Do things with kindness, not because you want to be recognized or have it reciprocated.  Do it because it is the right thing to do.  Do it because the world doesn’t need any more assholes.  Peace and forgiveness may not be the easy choice but it is the only choice we have to move forward in a positive manner.  Never give up what you believe in.  Be like the Cubs.

The Cubs, Lyndee?  Really?  Yes!!! For a moment last week no one cared about the election. My social media feeds were positive and celebratory.  The underdog of 108 years, the nice guys finish last, “loveable loser” Chicago Cubs rallied back in the World Series and came out champions.  It was one of the greatest moments in sports history, in my opinion. I am a Cubs fan but it’s more than that.  I spent late nights with my friends watching the games and sharing laughs. We had something wonderful to talk about at work. I watched my brother’s dream for his baseball team come to life. Fans came to celebrate their heroes 5 million people strong in the 7th largest gathering of humans in history.  There was no hate. No riots.  There was joy and jubilation. The curse had been broken.  And for a moment, people of all walks of life were united in celebration and hope.  It wasn’t just a baseball game.  It was a testament to the human spirit.  A moment I will never forget. 
Of course, I still feel like I have a bit of a “Cubs hangover”.  No, I didn’t drink too much but lots of late nights watching the games kicked my butt.  Friday night I enjoyed a relaxed evening with my girls around the fire.  Saturday took a much needed road trip with Summer and Maria. We drove to Iowa City and spent the day at a metaphysical expo. I know, it sounds kind of weird but it was awesome.  We got new stones, I bought a beautiful amethyst ring, had a chakra session and a a psychic drew my animal totem and gave me a reading.  Turns out mine is a mix of an owl and a butterfly, with the spirit of a phoenix.  I know! How fricking cool is that? It made a lot of sense when she described the drawing to me.  I love it. After the expo we went and visited my brother and his family.  You know I can never get enough time with my Gable and Kirkie, aka, Rizzo and Harry Carey if you saw them at Halloween.We enjoyed a wonderful dinner before heading back to Des Moines that night.  
Sunday was a productive day of cleaning, gym time, writing and running errands.  Sunday night I went to Ben’s for dinner, cards and a hot tub party.  It was a great weekend of chill time to recharge a battery that has been running low the last few weeks.  I’ve got lots of doctor’s appointments this week and next to make sure that all is running right again. Fingers crossed and prayers accepted for continuous progress and strength. 

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Wasn’t it just 4th of July? Time to get working on my ugly Christmas costume for this year.  And my gifts for the Beaver Framily Crafty Christmas! 

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